Mold and Tooling design

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Our designers have toolmaking & shop experience as well as master design & drafting experience with 2d & 3d Models to make your products the best that they can be.

We Focus on Quality and craftsmanship.

Mold design

We have been developing tooling and products for more than 20 years. With a team of two designers to review our designs to make them more functional, Higher producing and longer lasting, Ease of Assembly and Machining.

We design all kinds of tooling from R&D sort run tooling to Medium and High production

Having a fully functional design office and years of experience to back us up.

We also do part inspections and can also implement the latest of 3d Printing techniques have test parts made before the tooling. We have many sources of Tooling and Machine shops as well as Mold makers Molders and can route and find the right one for you. Plus many other helpful services.

Other useful services see R&D, 3d printing, 2d and 3d design, Product development sections.

Some of the types of tooling we have_WaterpipeMold2 developed are:

Automotive, electrical connectors, Electronic Components, Cap and Food Containers,Appliances, Valves, Speakers, Electrical boxes, Hardware, Dentistry Equipment, Home hardware, Payment kiosks, electrical boxes,  Toy tooling,  Fine Electronic components,  Electronic castings,  roofing products, Office Products,  Ladders, Valve Assembles.

We advise the customer to 3d print the part before going to Mold. It is a sensible approach to problem solving.

We can also Source Molders, Mold makers, Fabricators, CNC, Welding shops, and any other helpful resources to help make what you need.

Also see section 3d Printing, 2d & 3d Drawing, Stamping Tooling, R&D development/