Product Design & R&D

Product design & R&Dhandhelddevice assembly2_560x420

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We have developed many mold tools over the years and our customers have come back to us to ask us to design products and parts for them.   Initial consultation with the customer is key to find their needs and how they envision their product.   Prototyping is always necessary to ensure visual aesthetics and to prove Fit and function

Implementing the latest Solid modeling technology, 3d Printing technology & design for CNC or Manual Machining.

We then develop a 2d or 3d model of your product before any Prototyping and later tooling phase.

Many customers will use a 3d print to showcase their product to potential investors, before tooling begins.

Or even to fully test their model for maximum functionality of their product.

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Some examples of products developed are Electrical boxes, Electrical cabinets, Roofing, Ladders, Fine electronics, Lighting fixtures, and accessory’s, Automotive parts, Concept depiction.