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Designs for Plastic Injection molds and Industrial applications.

http://axis-design.org/Statement of Limited Design Warranty

As many aspects of the Design and Construction of Molds, Dies, and Parts are beyond our direct control. Things such as Tool steel, Plastic materials, Raw materials, Components, Toolmakers ability, project underfunding, lack of prototyping, and many other things. These put us in a position where we can not in any event accept unlimited liability, all design work is undertaken on the following conditions:

1.   We do not guarantee that the mold or part designed by us will perform satisfactorily or will achieve the required end results.  However, in the event of any defective design by us as a result of matters within our actual knowledge,  we will carry out free of charge further analysis and design of the mold or part to the extent that we, in sole discretion, consider appropriate to correct that defect.

2.   To the extent permitted by law, all other express and implied conditions warranties and representations (whether contractual or otherwise) whether arising under the statute or by implication of law custom or usage with respect to our design service are expressly negative and excluded.  Without limiting the generality of the forgoing, we shall not be liable in any circumstances whatsoever, for any cost or expense of reworking the mold or part or any other cost, injury cost expense or damage of any kind whatsoever (including any consequential loss, injury, cost expense or damage) however arising, whether from our negligence or otherwise.  If in any particular instance, any portion of this paragraph is not permitted by law, then to that extent and permitted by law, our liability in that instance shall be strictly limited, as we in sole discretion decide,  either to supplying the design services again or to paying the cost of having the service supplied again.

3.   As a further condition to your acceptance of this quotation,  you agree to and hereby release and discharge Axis Tool Design,  its agents, servant and employees, from any and all claims of bodily injury or property damage or other demands of any kind based upon or related to the use of the mold or part designed by us, or goods made from or produced by said mold or part, or goods into which said part may be integrated, and you agree to indemnify and save Axis Tool Design its agents, servants and employees, from and against any and all such claims and demands by any user of such mold, part or goods or by any other party.

4.   If any provision of this limited design warranty shall be declared invalid,  the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

Axis Tool Design
Agincourt – Ontario

Standard Terms
Note on Delivery:
8 ½ x 11 and 11×17 drawings are usually supplied within the design charge.
Sufficient lead time should be considered for hot runner orders.
Detail drawings usually are not included in price of quote.
If they are needed, just give us a call and we will gladly re-quote.
Work is done in returned quote sequence.
Supply blue prints are additional cost to be quoted.

Terms and Conditions:

Availability of service is based on conformation of order and lead time for the design Job.
To estimate the hours and price of each Job, a quote is issued.  Once the quote is issued it stands for 30 days.
Any additional work in clocked hours will be subject to additional charges above of what has been quoted.
As the job progresses through each phase, it must be paid for either at the end of the month or at that phase.
Jobs are quoted before the job starts and an attempt is made to stick to the quote, If possible.

Terms:   – Payment is Net 30 days from date of invoice
– Payments after 30 days are subject to 2% interest per month.
– Major changes – revision of concept or unspecified extra work is subject to additional charge or re-quote.